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Elizabeth Rahman & Partners (ERP Law Firm) was founded in 2020 in Jakarta by Elizabeth and Bagus Rahman. ERP Law Firm is a leading commercial litigation law firm that provides a wide range of legal services to clients. As a commercial litigation law firm, ERP Law Firm has a strong litigation team consisting of litigation lawyers who have many years experience in resolving high complex corporate and commercial cases both in court and at the Arbitration Board. Therefore ERP Law Firm litigation team, in handling the case put forward the mindset of business sensitivity to achieve the expected results.


We are regularly called upon to represent the client’s legal interests in the face of or filing for bankruptcy or delay of debt payment obligations, lawsuits of unlawful acts, defaults, industrial relations disputes, fraud, trademarks, intellectual property litigation, corruption and money laundering crimes.


ERP Law Firm is committed to providing the best legal services and aligned with the client’s business interests. We are therefore known and respected as a lawfirm that provides practical solutions and advice on every aspect of the business in every corporate and commercial case handling.