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Is the founder and partner of ERP Law Firm. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in law from the Faculty of Law, Islamic University of Indonesia with cum laude predicate. While studying Strata 1, Bagus Rahman achieved extraordinary achievements by being awarded as the best participant in ethics and legal education organized by the Judicial Commission of the Republic of Indonesia. Furthermore, he also obtained a Master of Law degree from the Faculty of Law, Gadjah Mada University majoring in business law with cum laude predicate. Bagus Rahman has a legal auditor’s license which is issued by the National Professional Certification Agency.

Previously he worked at a leading Law Firm in Yogyakarta, then in the next development he worked at one of the leading litigation Law Firms in Jakarta. He has extensive legal experience in handling litigation, such as bankruptcy and delay of debt repayment obligations, coal mining, intellectual property, corruption and money laundering, land and property, Sharia banking, administrative lawsuits and general corporate legal issues.