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Is a partner of ERP Law Firm. He obtained his law degree from the Faculty of Law, Atmajaya University. He has a legal auditor’s license which is issued by the National Professional Certification Agency.

Previously Eko Aprilianto worked as Legal Advisor at GLC Consulting. In the following developments he worked at one of the leading Corporate Law Firms in Jakarta. It has long been practiced as a corporate lawyer making it as a lawyer who has a broad and deep legal understanding of the ins and outs of corporate development. Known as a lawyer figure with a superior work ethic, many outstanding achievements in handling corporate matters faced by clients.

Eko Aprlianto has many years of experience in assisting clients’ legal interests such as Minerals and Coal, Construction, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Mergers and Acquisitions, Holding, Capital Markets, Electricity and Energy, banking and financing, Sharia banking, Foreign Investment, Forestry, Joint Venture, infrastructure, and Industrial Relations.